If you have one or more properties in the UK, please contact us, we will be more than happy to work with you. If its not an area we work in, we have business partners all around the UK who would interested in renting or buying your property.

Our tenants are typically contractors who work in the local area, or business clients and professionals that come from other areas in the UK or abroad. They are very respectful, polite and very easy to deal with. We take good care of all our properties and keep them looking good, if needed we refurbish, and dress them to a high standard. We offer a long term rent guarantee and will deal with all repairs and maintenance issues apart from the boiler, electrical and structural work, this is the landlords responsibility, we can arrange this for you. Our cleaners and maintenance team will keep on top of things, inspect the property and make sure that it is kept to high standard. You will receive your payment on time, with no stress.


If you wish to sell your property instead of renting out for a long term, we will be happy to source a buyer for you without extra cost.

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